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Existential Crisis


So we had ‘the talk’. ‘The talk’ is the time when you ask yourself questions like:

  • What are you good at? (Most common answer: nothing)
  • What would you like to do for a living in the future? (Most common answer: nothing)
  • What are you interested in? (Most common IB-answer: sleeping)
  • What’s your life goal? (Most common IB-answer: surviving the IB)

There was a woman at school who was supposed to help us deciding what to do with our lives. Well, she wasn’t very helpfull. I expected something like a decision tree: Are you good at maths? Yes – you’re going to be a scientist. No – You’re going to be a bad luck loser, working his ass off for nothing.

Something like that would be cool. You know, like 30 questions and in the end you end up with your ideal profession. But instead it was like that: So, this is the area in your brain, taking decisions. So now, use it!

This all was leading to two things: The ones giving up and saying ‘Fuck this shit, I’m going to be a stripper.’ and the others, ending up in an existential crisis. At least we got a piece of chocolate…

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My Internship

Our school forces us to do an internship for three weeks, during february. Everyone has to contact different companies and find someone who is willing to take care of a student during this period. 

The internship will not be paid, and the few students who get some money, have to donate it to some organisation. 

First I thought about doing something in IT, but it turned out to be very difficult to find something interesting, so I continued asking around and finally got to my family doctor. She has a doctor’s practice in Zurich and since I’ve always been intersted in medicine, I figured that would be an intersting experience. Another benefit is, that work will start at ten o’clock, so I won’t have to work too long. The goal is to prepare us for our future life and to collect some experience in work life. Which reminds me of this….



Yeah, well… we’ll see… Wish me luck!

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