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My Internship

Our school forces us to do an internship for three weeks, during february. Everyone has to contact different companies and find someone who is willing to take care of a student during this period. 

The internship will not be paid, and the few students who get some money, have to donate it to some organisation. 

First I thought about doing something in IT, but it turned out to be very difficult to find something interesting, so I continued asking around and finally got to my family doctor. She has a doctor’s practice in Zurich and since I’ve always been intersted in medicine, I figured that would be an intersting experience. Another benefit is, that work will start at ten o’clock, so I won’t have to work too long. The goal is to prepare us for our future life and to collect some experience in work life. Which reminds me of this….



Yeah, well… we’ll see… Wish me luck!

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