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25 things, IB students never say


  1. Hey, do you wanna come over tonight? I’m so bored, I’ve got nothing to do.
  2. Thanks to the IB I became a better person.
  3. Sparknotes? Never heard of it.
  4. Of course I’m finished. I already did this two weeks ago.
  5. I’m so glad I finished all my work, so now I can relax during christmas break.
  6. Do they think I’m stupid? This stuff is so easy!
  7. Mr. X is preparing us so well for the finals with all the homework he’s giving us.
  8. OMG, check this out: Our favorite band is coming to town the day before the essay is due. Wanna go?
  9. You know, I feel really motivated right now to do something intellectual.
  10. Yesterday I had nothing to do, so I played Call Of Duty for like five hours!
  11. I slept for like 8 hours last night.
  12. I feel like TOK is teaching us really important stuff for our future life.
  13. Of course you should do the IB! I’m sure you will be fine! It’s not even time consuming or anything.
  14. I know that I’m a SL student, but these HL extensions just seemed so interesting to me!
  15. Today I’m not going to do anything, I don’t really feel like it.
  16. I did all of my CAS hour during the first few months.
  17. I also already wrote all of the Reflective Statements.
  18. Omg, it is so cool that we can take HL subjects! That way we can learn more!
  19. ME?! I NEVER complained about the IB. I’m happy the way it is.
  20. Uhm, no?! Of course I’m not using Wikipedia as a reference. That would be stupid!
  21. You have WHAT?! No of course all of MY lab results are real ones!
  22. All of the arguments in my TOK essay are logical and comprehensible thoughts.
  23. Of course all of these things make perfect sense.
  24. What’s your problem? My bag isn’t heavy at all!
  25. No, the final exams are NOT scaring the shit our of me!


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How to organize yourself

People who know me will probably say: Why are YOU writing about how to organize yourself?! My room is a mess and I forget half the things I was supposed to do. But the thing is: I only forget HALF the things I was supposed to do. So I improved my organization and I am on my way to be a perfect Sheldon Cooper (yay!).

So, first of all: Don’t procrastinate! I know, everyone is saying this all the time, but you know just as good as I know, that you’ll never put that document in your folder if you’ll just ‘do it later’. The only solution is to get your ass up und do it immediately. Another benefit is, that you’re less likely to forget about it that way. So, how do you stop procrastinating? There are several ways to achieve the power of ‘I’ll-do-it-now-and-won’t-ever-again-procrastinate’.
It’s a long way to go, but you could for example tell your friends/parents/brothers/sisters/roommates about it, so you have kind of a pressure on you, when you’re feeling you’re being checked. This is the only reason our school system works. If it weren’t for the teachers who gave us kind of a pressure and a deadline, we would all just lay around and do nothing (wouldn’t that be wonderful?!).
Which brings me to my next tip: Set a deadline and have someone to check on you. Also set a reward for the soon-to-be-likely case you should really manage it!

Second: Keep your folders/documents clean! Come on guys, is it so difficult not to scribble all over your stuff?! I know, maths can be boring, but how about you just use your phone to entertain yourself instead of ruining your clean folders and papers? Or if you HAVE to do something with your pen (and if following the lesson is no option) then just use another piece of paper to play Tic Tac Toe with your friends or whatever.

Third: Use your stuff! I know, far from eye, far from heart, but why do you keep all this stuff and why do you organize it if you’re not going to use it anyway? (And don’t you dare, thinking: Ok, then I’m not going to keep it anymore!) And trust me, especially in the IB, it is very important to actually read all the criterias and the whole assignment they’re distributing to you.

Last but not least: Almost forgot it, but write a To-Do-list! Yeah, I hate them too, but they keep me from constantely forgetting things. If you’re not the list-writing-type, just download an app, there are tons of them. And: it is such a good feeling to cross out the things you don’t have to do anymore. But don’t make your list too long, this will demotivate you. I do this for every week, because I’m so forgetful, once I walked home and when I arrived there, I realized that I had still three more classes to go. My teachers found it very funny, but anyway…

Now, get your ass up and start organizing yourself! I’ll do it later…

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What the IB did to my social life…



We’re doing two different biology projects at the moment. One about harmful substances and the other one about cloning. And on friday our biology teacher (and one of our main IB teachers) was like:

‘Hey, two biology projects are not enough! I’m sure there’s a tiny bit of fun and social life left in all of you, so let’s do another one!’

…and that was when this absolute masterpiece of art was created that you can see above.

Most of the teachers think that it’s better to do all the work now, so we can ‘relax’ (yeah, relax….right…) towards the end of the IB. They don’t think about the fact that, if everyone thinks like this, nobody can manage this much work (unless you’re Edward – then you don’t have to sleep. And you glitter in the sun.) at once.

The amount of work we have to do already outlines the amount of work we did during the rest of our school career. My soon-to-be-ex friends are already like ‘Hey, do you want to go to… oh wait. Nevermind. Bye!’ But I guess that’s what it’s all about. And they promised it would get better. It will, right? ….right??!!


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My Internship

Our school forces us to do an internship for three weeks, during february. Everyone has to contact different companies and find someone who is willing to take care of a student during this period. 

The internship will not be paid, and the few students who get some money, have to donate it to some organisation. 

First I thought about doing something in IT, but it turned out to be very difficult to find something interesting, so I continued asking around and finally got to my family doctor. She has a doctor’s practice in Zurich and since I’ve always been intersted in medicine, I figured that would be an intersting experience. Another benefit is, that work will start at ten o’clock, so I won’t have to work too long. The goal is to prepare us for our future life and to collect some experience in work life. Which reminds me of this….



Yeah, well… we’ll see… Wish me luck!

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