One more year to go…

I’m in my last year now and we all know what that means: only one more year to go. I’m in the middle of my Extended Essay at the moment and I still have to write a lot of CAS reflections. 

In this school year I’ll have to do my Maths Exploration, a few French Essays and my TOK Essay and Presentation. Not to mention the studying I’ll have to do for the IB Exams in May. But anyway I’d like to give the new IB students some advice:

First of all: don’t take it too easy. If you start now, you will be able to complete all your tasks without becoming too stressed. But don’t start to stress yourself either, because in that case it will only get worse. 

To get together your CAS hours, try to organise a project with your whole class or at least with some friends. First of all it will be more fun and secondly you’ll have someone to discuss your reflection with. 

If you have to write your IAs, don’t choose a hard research question but rather take an obvious one. I can promise you that you will have some difficulties with your experiment and it will be a lot easier to solve them if your experiment is comprehensible. 

To all of you: have a great start, whether it is your first or your second year!

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