Um… CAS?


Remember that funny thing called CAS reports? Our CAS coordinator just reminded us of them. Well, that is a thing a have not though of for a very long time. I did quite a few of my CAS hours and I also registered them, but I kind of lag behind with my reports.

Anyway, for those of you having troubles getting together the CAS hours, here are some things you could do (so there’s at least something useful in my post):


  • Try working for the red cross; it is very useful and usually there are other people your age you can have fun with
  • Get a few people together to collect money; sell cakes, organise a concert or do a sponsored run
  • Help an underprivileged kid by tutoring him or her


  • Write for your school magazine
  • Take part in a concert (This can be combined with Service)
  • Take part in a drawing or creative writing contest
  • Become a part of the drama club


  • Take part in a contest; dancing, swimming, running – so many possibilities!
  • Take part in a run (This can be combined with Service)

In general: write down your interests and you’ll find a CAS-version for nearly everything. There are contests for so many things. And: Take your friends with you, it is much more fun with them. They have to do it anyway.

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