How I write my exams

...But I'm too lazy

Ok, I got this. I studied all night for this. Now is my time to shine! Can I start?

Let’s get an overview first… What the hell is this? Oh crap, I didn’t know that was going to be on the test. But hey, I’ve seen this before. Maybe, if I try hard enough, I’ll be able to remember… That was two weeks ago, I totally got this! Well, let’s see, this exercise was on page 258 on the top of the page. I even highlighted this! Come on brain, I know you can do this!

I’m so hungry… I wonder what I’ll get for lunch. Oh, maybe it’s meatballs. I love meatballs. Man, I’m so hungry right now, I could give up on the exam and just go and eat lunch. Right, the exam! Stay focused! You got this!

Wait, did I stare at my neighbour’s exam the whole time? Great, now the teacher’s gonna think that I’m cheating. So, eyes on my own paper. Let’s face it: I have no idea what I’m doing. I should have studied more, but no, I watched this stupid series all night. Next time I’m gonna study, I swear. 

Am I the only one this desperate? Anyone? Heelloooo?! You! Across the room! Communicate with me! Maybe I should just write anything down that comes into my mind… but if I do this, she’s gonna think that I’m an idiot while correcting this. Ok, one more try…

Nope, there is absolutely nothing useful in my brain. So, random stuff it is.

Finished. If I count the points together like this, I might even pass. I still have time, maybe if I keep thinking about it… Nope, nevermind. I’m hungry. Lunch, here I come!


…And this is how I write my exams!

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  1. saloni

    LOOL so relatable 😀

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