25 things IB teachers always say…

I Fucking love the IB










1. Since I gave you nearly no homework the last time…

2. I’m sorry, but the IB says that…

3. Nobody ever failed the IB at this school!

4. The IB is going to help you in your future.

5. The good thing is, you’re so much better prepared than all the other students.

6. Since we already learned this, I don’t have to explain it again.

7. You can easily do this tonight!

8. Don’t procrastinate!

9. Don’t even try to fake your lab work. I will notice it for sure.

10. Your essay can be crap, but if you hand in nothing at all, you’re fucked up.

11. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

12. *Grading tests* WTF is this?! What was she thinking?! I’m gonna kill myself. My life is useless.

13. Why are you doing this to me?? I already taught you that three months ago!

14. I don’t care about your excuses!

15. Since you will be busy in the next semester, we will be doing all of your essays this semester!

16. I’m sorry for the ‘not so good news’…

17. You’ve got plenty of time now, so PLEASE don’t procrastinate as you always do.

18. If you’re always tired then why don’t you sleep more?

19. Oh, come on! The IB is not so bad after all!

20. Don’t forget about your CAS reflections.

21. NO, you can NOT count offering your seat to an old lady at the bus as a CAS hour!

22. This is really a great opportunity for you, so is anyone interested? *silence*…*sight* And it counts for CAS.

23. If you’re well prepared, this will be no problem for you.

24. Oh stop complaining. All the other IB classes love it!

25. I give up, just… whatever.


Feel free to complete my list!


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2 responses to “25 things IB teachers always say…

  1. Carlos

    The IB course for me has gone quite well, except for that thing they call CAS. I f**king hate it!

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